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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Sportfan

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  1. do the trade without the firsts
  2. Smh so what do I do now
  3. there is 3, but it doesn't matter. that is why I didn't respond he never responded
  4. There's only 2 TC members?
  5. nope it was rejected 2-0
  6. sois my trade going through? cause i got sent to the bottom of the waiver wire and lost out on west
  7. ??? pass it! pass it! pass it!
  8. any update on the trade?
  9. well you only had 12 players so I had to.
  10. well yea as 1st option he was like 16/8 last season. its not like people were making amazing offers

    and wait do i really have to IR larkin another sim? I IR'd him but he still played
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