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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Sportfan

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  1. lololololol funny.

    gay brook 4th for rondo and smith and 5th?
  2. gay me!!!!!
  3. Smith me -___-
  4. Get on Aim yo
  5. meh nontheless.

    thornton and jrue for rondo would be a good return
  6. some people thought it was a reach others didn't.
  7. meh, gay might have more value himself considering people thought rondo was a reach. you're getting a similar type player in jrue and can get a scorer like Marcus Thornton with my 3
  8. none
  9. eh idk. jrue's numbers werent that far off

    any chance at jrue and 3rd for rondo and 7th?
  10. meh I see about 4 other point gaurds of equal value. would need him + gay for rondo plus one of our later picks
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