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Conversation Between Lakers + Giants and Ebbs

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  1. Also you can't start Billups, Kawhi, and Wallace. all played in the '00s
  2. I like Ben Wallace
  3. You're up
  4. On deck
  5. perfect, sounds good. thanks
  6. yea. But the 3 starting from '90s on includes guys in the '00s.

    But yes you could hypothetically draft more current guys for your bench. That said, you still have to start two guys who never played a game in the '90s are later and they have to play 24+ minutes in that starting role.
  7. just to be clear, i can select more 2000s players if i want to but can only start 2 correct? and 3 total from 90s max
  8. Primo, thanks bro
  9. Picked. Notified TO too
  10. You'll be skipped in 15 if you don'y pick bro
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