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Conversation Between rocket and StriveGreatness

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  1. it was ajoke
  2. I thought you were leaving!?!
  3. lol
  4. Wtf
  5. R.i.p
  6. given when due..
  7. Hot headed douche? Why are you insulting me? Tsk tsk.
  8. There you go with me baiting. Whatever, you clearly act like a hot headed douche in nfl forum trying to be all high and mighty. I have no problems with you. But I guess I'll stop whining. Just trying to defend myself when im getting called a troll for no reason
  9. How was I acting like a douche? You were trying to get a rise out of Bears fans and you know it.

    I act the same in the main as I do in the Lions forum. I don't change my posting style to be cool with Bears fans like you're saying. You wanna whine about your THREE day ban but then you turn around and bait Bears fans. Alright man. Go ahead but next time don't piss and moan.
  10. Just like a ****ing said. Yes I did indeed say LOLBears, were any of my posts saying that quoted? No, they weren't. Norm was saaying LOL every player on the Bears team. I guess he's a baiter too man. And you do act different. Act friendly in the Lions forum and a douche in main
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