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Conversation Between Saddletramp and mightybosstone

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  1. Never mind, he means Jarrett Jack. No frigging way.
  2. Quick heads up: Would Tyson Chandler (and Aminu) be a good swap for Joe Johnson and Deron Williams? Asking for a friend.

    Deep at the C position with M Gasol, DLee, ZBo, Faried and Capela. Need another SG/SF combo and DWill might bounce back; crazier things have happened.
  3. Goose's quote: "And I haven't noticed you posting recently. Good to see the one non-troll from the Houston camp posting again."

    What a jerk. You *have* been posting recently, he was just taking a jab at the rest of us. Less than a day after he trolled me and then I fired back how he was wrong in the Top 8 thread. I used to think he was a good poster but between the Warriors success and lol rubbing off on him, he's turning twatty.
  4. Hey man. We need some extra guys for the fantasy basketball league we do with other PSD Rockets posters every year. You're one of the most active Rockets posters and we'd love to have you participate. If you're interested, send me a private message with your email address, and I'll send you an invitation.
  5. Vote for Harden this morning when you get a chance. The guy is getting no love and other guys are getting far too much credit than they deserve:
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