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Conversation Between sixer04fan and warfelg

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  1. I'm not hurt by anything man, but Kitty has just made that forum a miserable place. Only reason I had to go that far on Grant is because he kept talking about Grant being great, even to say he's worth a top-10 pick in this past draft, which is certainly something you would have called out. And that's something that kicked off the big part of it. Then he kept only pointing to Grant having a good FT per FGA rate, which doesn't alone make a player good, which is why I had to call him out. He used that as his major point.

    I just...I never actually got mad having these discussions with you or Hydro or Dish or Myles, because you guys could always have something to back you up. And yea it would bother me a little when you told me to knock it off bot not someone else, but usually I let it go fast.

    But man....this guy is just different. Only guy that I've actually been stressed about arguing with on a board.
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