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Conversation Between CityofTreez and j-bay

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  1. Thanks for the advice man. I'm not concerned about my property. My dogs like to roam the neighborhood when they escape. My concern is the fact that one day one of them runs into a area where coyotes and pretty much gets fooled thinking they are a normal dog. My dogs are really friendly towards other dogs, so they probably wouldn't know the difference.
  2. Your thread was closed...
    Leading off where you stated coyotes attack bigger dogs.

    Find out where the coyotes would roam if they were around, and get the dog accustomed opposite of that.

    I don't know where you are moving, but is it with open land in the back or something that makes you worried?
    I've heard some funny stuff about warning off animals. I've heard the easiest way to keep animals off your property is pissing on the borders of your house. I'm not saying you/dog piss all over the place, but keep in mind that animals are dumber than you think, especially once they enter a house/neighborhood. Your dogs will be cool, just keep track of them, and if they venture too far.....then give them a smack in the ***!
  3. Yeah. I'm a Sac Kings fan and I'm pissed man. That's all we have, except for the Sac Rivercats (AAA-Oakland A's). Just imagine a team you're rooted for for 15+ years is ripped from your hands, and heads SOUTH!

    watever, j-bay, Go VCU!
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