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Conversation Between CityofTreez and Giannis94

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  1. I actually didnít used to get banned frequently. I've taken a number of years long hiatuses and now Philly fans are trying to get me banned. PSD has a bit of a double standard so I don't really give a **** anymore. Sitea gone down hill big time. Looks the NBA forum
  2. Jesus you’ve changed your username too many times brewerboi
    You always got banned you’re good
  3. Brewer boy then Brewer then Giannis as of like 1 1/2 year ago. Probably won't be like that for long. I just got a week long Philly minutes restriction (warranted) and then an infraction (unwarranted - calling out the Beasley for ASG thread)
  4. Ok. You reminded me of brewerboi but I just didn’t know.
  5. Brewer94.
  6. Dude, who were you before Giannis94?
    You’re a Bucks/GB fan, you JP or brewerboi?
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