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Conversation Between koldjerky and Norm

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  1. Yeah thanks for beating the Vikings. It was almost there nightmare SB. Same old **** over here I guess
  2. guaranteed!

    Considering the Eagles are in the SB, pretty fantastic! Worried I'd never talk to you again haha. Youi?
  3. If there was all pats threads in the main he'd have more posts than me lol.

    How have things been anyways
  4. He has another permabet or something with QB. For a guy that 'has more of a life to post on a 'dying' forum' he sure takes **** seriously enough to make bets.
  5. Why you been posting online you loser. Get a GF.

    Dudes straight out of /r/ihavesex
  6. I'm too busy having sex with models like GM.
  7. Can I assume you won't be much of a regular poster anymore?
  8. He assumed every Eagles fan was going to say Wentz so he posted (without looking through the thread mind you and openly admitted) what he did then when questioned, became all defensive talking about homer Eagles fans. How do you get bent out of shape when I agree Brady deserves it? It's funny how he automatically lumped all of us Eagles fans together when he/they get so defensive when we lump Patriot fans together? I mean, wtf!?
  9. Basically lol. That's how it seems. Maybe they're just mad it looks like we're saying their titles don't count. Idk

    The fact Brady has to be claimed to be the best at everything or you are trolling is funny.
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