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Conversation Between MrfadeawayJB and Hellcrooner

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  1. didnt impress me much .
    But hey sometimes players that dont work here go to th e nba and work perfectly, example raja bell who got cut at taugres.
  2. Hey Crooner, thought i'd ask you about a guy the grizzlies are looking at for the preseason, Tony Gaffney. He played College ball at umass, then went overseas and played for Telekom Baskets Bonn and most recently Club Joventut Badalona, S.A.D. What can you tell me about him as a player and the league he's been playing in? Does he have a chance of sticking with us? Thanks for any info!
  3. season just begun, their best players are rudy fernandez, sergio llul and mirotic.
  4. Hey I noticed the Grizz are playing Madrid in a preseason contest on saturday. What can you tell me about them? Link to roster? Feel free to post in the Grizzlies forum under the thread "Preseason thread"
  5. needs to go, if he hasnt learnt by now he is not doing it ever.
  6. Do you think a coaching adjustment such as getting the ball out of Gay's hands and have him move without the ball would benefit his play as well as the team, or is it a mute point and Gay just needs to go?
  7. Hes always been the same, theres a reason Grizz worked mUCH better last year withouth him.
    Theres also a reason why back then when he got traded for Battier ( who supposedly is a worst player) Team went from playoffs to Crap and Pau got all upset and wanted out.
    Grizz should look into trade him for Igoudala. With iggy instead of Gay a RING is possible.
  8. You were right about Rudy Gay. I hoped he could benefit the team since he is a good player, but he has been awful. I'd like to see him in more screening/curling action to get him open shots. Isolation is not good for Gay or the team unless the game is on the line. Ball movement is better without him on the court
  9. im sad for mayo, imo he is a better player than gay and gay should be the one being sent to hell. im not sure bout marc, i think he is waiting to see what happens with bro, if pau is a rocket he will surely want to be a rocket too.
  10. What are your thoughts on Gasol remaining a Grizz and the possible departure of Mayo? Your boy would get more touches as you always wished!
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