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Conversation Between mikealike305 and jetsforever

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  1. Haha good to see are smart enough to appreciate a good joke haha
  2. I sat down with him (he was already sitting of course, zing)

    This line made me laugh so ****ing hard. Literally so hard. In class. I hate you but love it at the same time
  3. yes i did, i uploaded it, then clicked insert pic, then preview, nothing..... clicked insert pic again, clicked preview again, still nothing
  4. Did you press the insert sig pic button?
  5. i'll honor it, just cant figure out how to change my sig to that, help me out, i uploaded the sig but when i press preview its blank, but on the bottom the pic is there like it was uploaded its just not making it my sig
  6. Are you changing your sig or not...
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