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Conversation Between ChiSox219 and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. sent you a trade offer
  2. Not sure if you checked out the Vantage blog but:
  3. Good stuff
  4. hey were/are you aware of the new stats site Vantage? They're basically synergy on steroids but their stats are a bit more descriptive. Also, better defensive stats. Anyways, check out their blog:

    Their launching their site in October with basically the same types of stats.
  5. Hey did you get our offer? 6+7 for your upcoming pick +12?
  6. Are you doing the all-time?
  7. Hey, nba all-time re-draft is up if you're interested (it's the modified version we discussed from last year):
  8. Thanks for that article, amazing stuff. I remember reading about Sportsvu and they had a number for contested vs non-contested but nothing like this. Cool to see it quantified.

    On Bill Burr, I'm not sure if your a Boston native but dude has mass appeal. I saw him in Chicago and Vince Vaughn introduced him as the greatest comedian in the world. Burr was on Showtime's Inside the NFL this week (where he brought up Brady saying FU *****es), he's got one of the top podcasts on itunes, and if you have $5 he just released a one hour special called "You People Are All the Same", also available on TPB if that's your thing.

    You see that article? Unfortunately I doubt that type of data ever becomes publicly available. There is like no info on their site, meaning they're protecting all of it from public access. Still, interesting to see the type of difference getting a hand up can make.
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