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Conversation Between ChiSox219 and Ebbs

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  1. Does this trade make the Thunder better:

    Thunder send: Ibaka, Martin, Thabeet
    Thunder get: Brook Lopez, Jonas Valuncias, Terrence Ross.
  2. it's up man thanks again for the invite
  3. thanks
  4. sign in
  5. Thanks
  6. NBA all time sign ups go up tommorow if interested.
  7. Well Gilbert can still be a star. He is capable of creating his own shot. He is a confident 3 point shooter. I like his game and we had cap space. I didn't realize you hated him.

    And for Aminu I just like him lol and I had like 30 seconds before I had to go offline and they were still going to skip me. I admit that was an awful pick though.
  8. What possessed you to pick Aminu and Arenas?
  9. Sorry been non existent in the redraft man. Saw the board some interesting picks you made. But quite honestly I just don't have the time to put much effort in. I saw some of UTB's offers on your wall lol
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