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Conversation Between GIANTS15 and Kings49sGiants

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  1. My teams always get robbed I didn't become a niners fan until 98, and less than a year later Young went down....

    That 07 Warriors - Mavs series was probably the best thing since the lakers kings in 02. I was a freshman living in the dorms and damn did we go crazy. I still vividly remember chest bumping random people after Matt Barnes shat all over Dirk's face with that dunk.
  2. Those kings lakers series where the chit though... and thats from a Warriors fan guys got robbed that one year for got year ....
  3. "well we are both Puerto Rican .. but no im not him .. .wtf your calling me fat and slow ?

    i think Kings is really Doug Christies wife"


    Doug Christie's wife could beat the shyt out of Shaq, so I guess thats good....
  4. ohh dam i didnt see that Kings my bad been busy with work and then Coaching Football for my younger son while looking at allot of emails with the wife from Coaches for my older son... but yeah im down ... i will register ... Oh yeah RAIDERS BABY !!!!
  5. bro, I said you'll be interested in a Giants fantasy football league, since you're a football fan and play fantasy sports, but if you're not, lets us know:
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