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Conversation Between TheBomb255 and vladdy#27

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  1. Give me about 10 minutes, and we'll play. Just send an invite on PSN. What levels do you play on? I usually go HOF, no hot zones, no guess pitch, no strike zones. Not sure if you wanna play that way though. Let me know.
  2. what time would be best for you?
  3. Send me an invite if you can, my PSN is Brewers255. I'm doing the pickem standings right now, so if you can invite me that would be awesome. So in about 2 hours we'll play right?
  4. or if you wanna go right now i guess i can
  5. ok i can probably do that whats your PSN or are you just going to add me?
  6. i can do it at 11:30 PM PST (1:30 CDT)
  7. when? i probably wouldnt be able to play tonight till around 12 PST

    my psn is ANGELZBAZEBALL
  8. You wanna play some MLB 10 The Show online at all?
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