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Conversation Between Jack_Meoff and jetsforever

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  1. Exactly.
  2. you know what it is, your never gonna get it until your playing for Rex, as a player, these guys love him, and he looks like a fun guy that anyone can relate to and talk real too. He wont sugar it up, it wont be bitter, its gonna be straight.
  3. Post more like that and people will stop getting angry at you. Your points are valid.

    I understand not liking the hype and trash talk. But I just don't get why its gotten to the point it has. He's just trying to motivate his team and the media has jumped on. That's just Rex's style.
  4. I know that was immature of me. BUt i did go on to defend the argument, I do think they need to settle down and play football, as a team they dont suck. But they deserve every bit of hate they are getting. I liked the Jets last year. I was excited when the brought in Rex, I hate Mangini. I liked Rex and what he did. But this off season was too much talk and too much hype and I just got frustrated.

    They arent a bad team, great Defense, but that Offense is being destroyed by Schotty. Let Sanchez play. He cant be told to check down every play.
  5. No. You ar baiting. Baiting is not allowed so stop doing so or you are risking getting banned.

    Considering the Jets offense was the disapointment and they played probably a top 5 defense, there is no way you can say the Jets suck either. The Jets did not have the luxury of playing the Panthers. We played a top team in the league and still had a chance in the final 2 minutes. So we did not suck.

    Again, consider me as someone who is helping you. I'm warning you to stop before you get banned.
  6. I'm making good points on there, so stop being a little baby, and keep an open mind on the fact that Jets suck!!
  7. A moderator just told me that if you continue to post in the style you have been in the Jets forum you are on your way to a ban. So stop.
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