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Conversation Between rcal10 and Jilly Bohnson

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  1. Yeah no problem. Click on her name, click to view her profile. Then on that page you'll see her name, and under that her title, and then under that two dropdown boxes, one Send Message and one User Lists. Click the User Lists one and you can add her to your ignore list.
  2. I have had a few private conversation with you in the past, so I feel you will help me out on this request. Can you tell me how to set up my account to ignore someones posts. I just cannot take sbrownie any longer. She is an idiot. I do not agree with everyone and I am sure everyone doesn't agree with me either. But at least I have learned things from some posters. And I have also been able to read other opinions. But I cannot read her posts any longer. And it has becaome sort of like a train wreck for me. I know I should look, but I cannot help it. So I have to block her. PLEASE HELP!!!
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