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Conversation Between pidg88 and jakub

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  1. Sorry for the confusion, wasn't aware people were actually gonna do writeups lol.
  2. "Clubhouses are in my last thread on the worst team. You may check your opponent's roster out there."

    Used your clubhouse as was stated and remained posted as your roster for over a day until I posted my argument....not very fair if you can then go change it after I post my argument based off your roster.....
  3. I changed it, voting doesn’t starting until tomorrow midnight
  4. Its what your clubhouse has at the time of the match-up he is your 1C
  5. just to warn yah, not keeping marner as my 1C
  6. Well I'm not trying to downgrade?
  7. im trying to upgrade
  8. Ladd (you keep 50%) for Wilson and Ott
  9. i have nitiken
  10. what do u like
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