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Conversation Between Carlznerson and IAmARanger18

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  1. Haha oh well, screw em! But i'll edit it
  2. Thanks
  3. Understandable, just wanted to see if I could my man
  4. I just don't think you would want to put together a huge offer made up of current roster players.
  5. So nothing at all interests you?
  6. Not looking for future pieces. Not rebuilding.
  7. Lighting like Ovie and Backstrom, anybody but Stammer can go in a deal for them and drafted Barkov with our pick, he can go
  8. Caps up
  9. I believe you are up good sir
  10. Dude great series, despite what other people say, overall great hockey, but it is finally nice to see us knock you out after the last 2 match-ups You know I'm no dick lol
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