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Conversation Between streetballa and ElFuturoDeESPN

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  1. 2004 1st
  2. Sir I say sir. What are your claims for mah boy Gary Trent sir.
  3. I'll add a first to that package if you like. Which year do you want?
  4. want a 1st if i move him right now
  5. Aldrich+Egwu+Ashley for Perry?
  6. I want Jones and that 5th pick still... what's it gonna take?
  7. Derozan + Aldrich for #5 + Perry + Thornton (waiveback)? I can add cash too, if you like. Name a number.
  8. naw no need to move perry and get chandler if im keeping thorton
  9. Eh. I don't really want Thornton anymore. Wilson Chandler + Cash for Perry + Andrus + Austin (Cutback)?
  10. I moved Roy...sorry but willing to do same trade with Suns pics
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