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Conversation Between streetballa and zB_#85

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  1. Naw he is a beast as a starter
  2. any chance you'd sell Trent for some cash?
  3. hey have you thought about starting both K-Mart and Trent? I would check Trent's defense at C in the gripes thread and if it's the same or better start him at C. If his defense gets worse, start K-Mart at C if it's the same or even B+.

    J Will / Anderson / Rashard / K-Mart / Trent

    1. Rashard
    2. K-Mart
    3. Anderson

    Fast / Outside / Often / Often

    take it or leave it, just a suggestion
  4. Nice dealing...miller was claimed off waivers by bdb so should be fine I'll post to process after that waiver

    posted nice dealing bro.

    Also, you need to cut 1 guy to have room for Peeler to get cut back to you.
  6. cool I'll post now.
  7. I'll take it with the 2nd
  8. No were not giving up any 1sts this is the draft we have been planning around. I can add in our 03 2nd to te other deal I offered you. Were gonna tank hard so that is almost like a late 1st in a very good draft...
  9. I kid I kid...I think I could do the zbo trade as you put it feel free to post
  10. Zbo/cash for your 2003 1st
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