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Conversation Between bloodhawk and Phat Pat 94

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  1. glad you like it
  2. awesome job man!
  3. here's the sig man, best I can make it w/ the pic quality, still a great outcome
  4. do u know when the sig will be done? email is if u need it.
  5. Yeah, I can do that for you, I'll have it by tomorrow
  6. is that any better? Could you put Nate Marchwinski #50 WHS?
  7. I'll make the sig, but I can't access the pic on that site, need save it on your computer and upload it via a site like, then post the link to me....
  8. could u make me a sig of a HS player @ my school im trying to market? I heard your the best.| If you can thanx if not, its ok too.

    PS hes number 50 on defense.
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