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Conversation Between cHi8DaL5LA420 and fadedmario

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  1. Thanks man - really appreciate it. It feels good to have a team we can actually be proud of. I watched Tony Romo last night on that football show on Showtime and he's ****ing tough man. I'm rooting for you guys to take your division this year. I can't believe how underrated the Cowboys are. I think the media is on the Eagles nuts. The Giants suck and the Redskins are decent. Would be nice to see you guys take that division. I'm a big Tony Romo fan and I also like the Cowboys owner. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. Reply to your Tony Romo post.
    Highly appreciated....True Cowboys fans don't listen to the garbage media and this is considered old news to us True Cowboys fans...on the subject of your Lions, I think it's awesome what is going on up there. I'm so happy for the city of Detroit considering all they have went through and what they are still going through. To me, the way Lions play, they beat people up and then stomp on them some more. They are the most feared team in the league in my opinion, and as a Cowboys fan I'm affraid of what your DLine is gonna do to us... hopefully the Cowboys rise to the challenge, but right now no one can stop that D line or your guys offense. Lions are back in full force, believe that.
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