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  1. Thank you.
  2. To embed a tweet you first need to get the ID of the tweet. If you copied the link from twitter then it's the long number at the end. For example, a twitter link might be this:, and the ID is 501935412647309312. (BTW, I got that link from "Expand" on the tweet, not the "More" => "Embed" one).

    When you've got the ID then all you need to do is create a "tweet tag":
    [ + tweet + ] + ID + [ + / + tweet + ]

    Use that without any of the "+" or spaces.
  3. Sorry to bother you but I just saw a post were you inbeded? a tweet. I tried to before, I clicked the function on twitter and copy and pasted it over to a post. Is there an added tag I need to use on PSD first?
  4. We'll still wait until later. I get the desire to start now but if we do it'll be a tired conversation during the offseason. From the forum perspective it's better to draw it out.
  5. Can we start a 2015 Off-Season Thread? Since the FO Clearly stated these trades are about 2015. I even put together a list of our major financial commitments for next year. I left out the min guys but included arb and 1 year out pre arb

    2015 Roster Commitments

    Mike Napoli (16,000,000)
    David Ortiz (15,500,000)
    Shane Victorino (13,000,000)
    Dustin Pedroia (12,620,500)
    Clay Buchholz (12,250,000)
    Yoenis Cespedes (10,500,000)
    Allen Craig (5,500,000)
    Edward Mujica (4,750,000)

    Rubby De La Rosa (Arb 1)
    Daniel Nava (Arb 1)
    Mike Carp (Arb 2)
    Junichi Tazawa (Arb 2)
    Jonathan Herrera (Arb 3)

    Pre Arb
    Will Middlebrooks
    Joe Kelly

    about 95M committed
  6. You man I signed up a couple week ago cuzs I thought the off-season sim was going to start, you gonna get it going?
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