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Conversation Between PhillyPhan8790 and TheRuckus

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  1. Haha, yeah trust me I know the feeling. I got a Briere for Christmas. I love it, haven't found anything wrong with it thus far though.
  2. Nah, I haven't gotten around to it yet with money being pretty tight.
  3. Did you ever order a jersey off that site?
  4. Yeah same thing for me. When my cousin told me about this site my collection just exploded. I've gotten six since last winter. Matt Ryan, All Day, Brandon Marshall, Maclin, Celek and McCoy. I'm lookin to get one of those disgusting Houshmanzadeh jerseys, you know the crazy lime green ones. I think that jersey is the funniest in the NFL. Brightest color combined with the oddest name ever, recipe for laughs.
  5. My only complaint is that they don't have a pinstriped Werth jersey, just the gray. But I'll probably get that, maybe a Lee pinstripe, a Richards, DeSean Jackson...hell, I might branch out into other teams. My jersey collection is sorely lacking, mostly because they're so goddamn expensive. No longer a problem.
  6. Enjoy it man. I get all my jerseys from there. All NFL Equipment too. I wanna get a Mike Richards but everytime I see the red Jonathan Toews jersey I can't makeup my mind. lol. Reaal Cheap too. I think the NFL Jerseys are goin for aroun 45... and most are authentic. The Authentic ones in Modells are like 200-250.
  7. I stumbled across your suggestion to Moose. I think I am also going to buy a jersey or two from that site. Thanks for the tip!
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