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Conversation Between NYKalltheway and Quinnsanity

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  1. Not interested in that, sorry.
  2. Would you be interested in Sam Perkins for Ralph Sampson? Gives your bench bigs some diversity since Spencer Haywood is the more traditional big. Nice to have that shooting as an option if you're only playing Ralph 10 mins per game.
  3. Don't really want Klay. I feel both are actually downgrades here.
  4. Alonzo and Klay for Ewing and Price?
  5. You have your own 2nd rounder though. You can still get your guy to build around. And then give him a much better collection of teammates.
  6. you're too low in the 2nd round to pull the trigger
  7. My 2/3/6 for your 1/6/8 if the guy I want is available? Only two picks to go.
  8. Ok. We'll talk when we're closer to it.
  9. id like to see what's available at the time i pick tbh.
  10. Wanna trade me your first rounder? You're usually up for some trade down fun.
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