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Conversation Between warfelg and ThomasTomasz

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  1. I think there is an option where all caps turns itself off.
  2. Really random there a reason sometimes when I try to use caps for a word or an emoji ( like ) it doesn't always work? Do you think that's my computer or an issue with the forum?
  3. No problem you're good
  4. FYI, I am not going to be able to have my clubhouse finalized by Noon. Still waiting on the few FA's I have posted, and I also left the house this morning with no power and internet due to the winter storm. I'm at work now and can hopefully take care of it when I get off work, since I don't normally have PSD access while here.
  5. So......any theories on where Coulson is, and whether or not the rest of the team is with him? I thought this was an excellent finale.
  6. I actually do like the pod episodes, it's helped keep things interesting I think. Very surprised they brought back Ward so soon. It was just in between the seasons that the director of the show said that they could bring him back, but they really missed him on set. What a great troll job on the fans.

    They set out to make it a darker tone than the other movies, and I think they succeeded.
  7. Oh I still am. I really love it. Great way to turn things on it's ear and not get stale at the same time. Are you liking the 6-8 "pod" episodes they've been going for?
  8. You still watching Agents of Shield? If so, what a troll on everyone from last Tuesday's episode
  9. I like the way Cousins has been playing too. He's been the offenses Kerrigan if that makes sense. I don't think he's a star, but he's a good QB to have because he's smart and takes calculated risks.

    Sorry I've been avoiding the other GDT because I got a feeling it would devolve and people would just end up trolling me every time a player got hit.
  10. Smith was someone I didn't want at all, and didn't even know much about him. Turns out I've been wrong about him. I agree with you about Kerrigan, dude has a motor that never stops.
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