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Conversation Between Giannis94 and MILLERHIGHLIFE

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  1. chrome
  2. Is that for firefox?
  3. For ads on PSD, use "uBlockOrigin" as an extension
  4. Don't worry about the link. This site automatically blocks that site for link advertising. It shows asterisk sign a few times. So clicking it be a broken link most likely.
  5. I've never been on the forum. I'm just talking about the main page
  6. The other site only has a high poster count. Which is nice. But mods abuse their powers and lock threads a lot and ban tons of people fast. I was there long time ago after I left ESPN forums. I was banned on two different accounts. Also they begged us to join from ESPN to ******. Think the mod was MD that begged us. So all in all that site sucks. Yeah they have tons of posters but lots of arguing more then anything.
  7. Moving on to greener pastures than PSD; nice! This sites been going down anyway.
  8. Tell C-DUB. He's Bucks TM. I stepped down last year.
  9. I posted an article in the bucks forum that was from re al gm but the link is blocked out well because, PSD. Delete if needed.
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