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Conversation Between ******2017 and MooseWithFleas

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  1. Everything's good man thanks for asking. Miss posting from time to time. I was able to make it to the thread for the PPV on Sunday though.
  2. Beat em up, BEAT EM UP!
  3. I love how we just keep trading +1 and -1 for Miz, while Mark Henry continues to build a massive vote count
  4. Nah man, it's coming back! It must!
  5. lolololol Long Live AOP!
  6. Yeah that would be awesome. Honestly I cringe when mlb coverage comes on fox. Especially since they adopted the NFL theme music which just seems out of place. Baseball on NBC would be awesome.
  7. Yep. Especially with the NFL, there are some really solid secondary commentary pairings that I rarely get to hear. I always enjoy Tony Boselli's analysis.
  8. Yeah I gained a lot of respect as well. We can moan about the commentary pairings and what not, but King seems to have always been a stand up guy. Cole I thought was a bit of a jerk with a chip on his shoulder, which he still could be, but this definitely changed my perception of him.
  9. No time for that riff raff in a situation like this
  10. Too Many Picks! Too Many Picks!
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