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Conversation Between ******2017 and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Get used to that Mets fans.... Funny thing about that is they ended up winning that game anyway.
  2. You are an awful human being for that
  3. Couldn't tell you honestly.
  4. That is just sad. And one wonders why no one posts there....
  5. Lmaooooo.
  6. Hard to disagree as I'm reading through some of the stickied Lions threads. I'm just glad people in the forum are starting to ignore it. Anyone is welcome to converse as long as it fits 2 requirements: A.) You're not a complete dick and are just posting to cause problems. B.) Actually have something to say that is relevant to the topic or that makes some sort of sense.

    Read the last two posts and try to find the irony.
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