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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and GrkGawdofWalkz

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  1. I just waived Brandon Prust, a useful 13th guy. His contract is one year 2.5
  2. Colby Robak, is availalbe as a 7th defensemen. He's under a Mil.
  3. Is one of your upcoming 1sts available. I am really trying to move back into the round for a specific prospect.
  4. So I'm interested in Mike Smith, what are you looking for?
  5. unfortunately for you I'm a Kitchener Ranger fan and a huge fan of John Gibson lol, honestly think he's the next Ryan Miller, It would take an amazing/ almost insulting deal to you for me to part with him.
  6. John Gibson please!
  7. I really want John Gibson
  8. I'm looking for wings/forwards. I have an excess of NHL caliber defensemen that are just lingering on my roster. If you're interested I'm the Oilers, you can go here.
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