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Conversation Between MAC10TIZZY and IRUAM #21

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  1. You would have to probably download Photoshop but it cost money, just search online to see if you find anything.
  2. i thought you could make them out of pics, i have a pic that iwanted to make a sig out of
  3. Idk how to make sigs, but who do you want a sig of ? Maybe i can find you one online.
  4. yo what up dude? heck ya baby finals you taught me how to do the avitar how bout makin' me a b.a. sig
  5. Lets go Magic !!!!!
  6. No problem
  7. hecks yeah! thanks for being my mentor......he he he he
  8. I see you put an avatar already... good job man.
  9. gracie!!!!!!!!
  10. Ok go to user cp it's on the top left of your screen,there's an option called edit avatar, you can choose a team or you can put any image you want, to change your name from recruit you go to user cp and click on edit your details, you can change it there.
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