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Conversation Between IKnowHoops and KnicksorBust

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  1. Hey man, Iím not gonna go crazy. Iíll holler when I think of something. We are good for now. When I made the bet, this wasnít how I expected it to play out either lol. Definitely much harder fought than I expected. Iím just gonna enjoy Brons 8th straight for now. Cheers my man
  2. I really felt like a good bet before the playoffs but Lebron did it again. Congrats. You own my sig for a year. As long as it won't get me banned do your worst lol.
  3. 😜 hehe
  4. Saw your thread in the nba forum. I am not in hiding lol. Don't worry the bet is on. One year of sig control for the winner. I have to admit your side is looking a lot better these days.
  5. OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no doubt in this occurring. But yeah if I loose, its all yours bro
  6. Don't forget our sig bet. If the Cavs make the 2018 NBA Finals you own my sig for the next 365 days after they make the finals. If the Cavs are eliminated before the 2018 NBA Finals then I own your sign for the next 365 days after they are eliminated.
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