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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and StriveGreatness

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  1. Hey I'm here if you want to pick up trade talks.
  2. Let me know when you're back on so we can get a deal done.
  3. So is there a way we make a deal or not?
  4. So are you interested in making a trade?
  5. Hey I just got KC's first round pick. Think we found the missing ingredient in a Sanders/Weddle trade.
  6. Justin Gilbert, Danny Trevathan, Kenny Vacarro, Mike Mohammed, Marlon Brown, Keshawn Martin, DeVier Posey. You could pick one of those.
  7. Eh, could give you another player but I'm not overly eager to break up my receivers so it wouldn't be much
  8. I would need more
  9. If we could even the money out I'd consider Emmanuel Sanders for Weddle.
  10. Cost on Gates? Not sure I'd make a deal because I'm already set with pass-catchers but if the price is decent I'd think about it.
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