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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and StriveGreatness

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  1. Cleared
  2. Hey your PM box is full. Wanna send you an offer
  3. Packers might be interested in Fitzgerald. I know you're looking for OL and CB. I've TJ Lang (tag and trade) and Sam Shields relatively available.
  4. I'd do Smith, Decker or Jernigan for Tate. Darby I'm not trading. Mosley and Yanda I value above Tate but if you'll add more I'd listen.
  5. Darby, Mosley, Jernigan, Yanda, S. Smith, Decker
  6. Hey, Ravens like Golden Tate. Lemme know what you like from me.
  7. no thanks
  8. Clay straight up for Suggs? Got all that cap space, might as well use it to get yourself an upgrade lol.
  9. Shoot me a VM when you get back on just so I know, then let's move over to chatzy, I need to get this thing done:
  10. Hey, headed out for the night, but let me know what's up trade-wise, I'd like to get this done ASAP.
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