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Conversation Between Rush and Giannis94

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  1. It wasn't reported so I personally wasn't aware of it.

    However, you know the rules and we have explicitly given you instructions regarding the Sixers. Because someone else could've gotten away with something doesn't make it ok for you to do what you want.
  2. You wonder why participation on the site has dropped? Unequal modding is a big reason. You allowed the thread below of a guard that no one cares about except for 1 guy to stay opened and yet you lock mine up pretty quickly. So now every time a player gets benched, I should be able to post a thread and it should stay open because you allowed a no-name pelicans G benching allowed on the main forum.

    Just wanted to make sure I understand so that when I create multiple threads about a Hornets or piston player being benched, that those aren't locked as well.
  3. I believe they can. You just can't see what they post.
  4. If I put someone on my ignore list, can they still see what I post?
  5. Oh I gotcha. He was banned for 2 weeks. Has 12 days left.
  6. Bbs?
  7. How long is BBS gone?
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