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Conversation Between SB75 and Avenged

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  1. No, No, Im saying that he didn't directly call you a female. He just asked, and he didn't do it in an aggressive manner. I don't know the history you have with those guys so I can't really make a accurate assumption.
  2. Well we obviously differ in what one man calling another man a female means. But that's neither here nor there, since I'm part of the guilty party. Thanks bro.
  3. Oh and if it continues, just report the posts and it will get taken care of. I only saw yours because somebody reported it.
  4. Nobody insulted you. I only deleted 1 post for referring to you as a female which wasn't even that bad. I just did it so it wouldn't turn into a big deal.
  5. Thanks man, just used the exact word Slugger used in calling me a female.
  6. i didn't see the rest, i'll check it right now.
  7. Question man: You deleted my comment for insult/bating, no problem with that. But why not delete the guy I was replying to that bated and insulted me?
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