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Conversation Between JackB and Gram

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  1. Nice to see you were on the forum today man. Haven't seen you in a while.
  2. lol shyfly. He wouldn't have made a thread to start it. Obviously there was some instigation beforehand. Instigation of your accord. lol.
  3. Yeah fair enough bro. I really don't want my account deleted anyways. I have fun with my account too much.
  4. I got in trouble because of him. I guess I asked for it but I had taken enough of his ****.Do you guys remember Scotty? he got banned a couple of times. he got better and now doesn't come around much anymore. Maybe that will happen to Shyfly.
    We need to just totally ignore him altogether. No replies to his posts or counters to his ******** replies no matter what he says. Act like he isn't there. Yeah i know it shard. but we need to try. We have a good group of people here. Sure we disagree but thats whats suppose to happen.Not crap on a guy because your don't like his opinion.
  5. Ahaha my man I'm lucky to have crossed paths with your page, or else I wouldn't a seen your reply! Tigers fan too eh? Gotta say, as much as I loved them when I was younger, haven't payed too much attention since they lost in the World Series in 06.... But I was planning on paying more attention this year. lol. And as for Shyfly man. I'm not even worried about him. I laughed when I got my infraction. lol. Don't even worry about the infraction dude. I've never taken DBroncos seriously anyways eh? Anwyays dude, reply on my page, or I may take a long time to respond. And I'm glad I found a new friend on the forum! Shyfly told me no one liked me on here. lol. He's one to talk haha!
  6. Hey, what's up friend?
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