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Conversation Between NYM-RMCF-DM and Avenged

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  1. Yeah..How I don't understand how a poster with 1 post since 1 year ago is allowed to take over a team and make questionable trades and they also get approved..
  2. About the accusations? There's really not much to it. It's been discussed but there is really no evidence that suggests otherwise. I guarantee you if we find out what you were saying is indeed true, that poster (or any other) would not be "active" right now.
  3. So you never answered what I wrote to you here...
  4. Yo, Him and I addressed the trading for players part. I gave up Benzema for Sneijder and that's it.

    But that has nothing to do with the accusations. I felt it was suspicious since he told me he had a trade with his friend. His friend tells me during trade talks that they're roommates. Both trades made help only one team...Pete's. So why is a friend of his is allowed to take over for a team? (Specially a guy with 1 post since 2010, and who's NOT an active member.)

    If that's like that I want one of my best friends and who IS an active member, to take PSV Eindhoven.
  5. dude I been really busy lately lol. I've just started school again.

    About your PM's, has that been addressed? Wilson and I talked about it and didn't really find it fair for you to drop your late rounds for earlier ones. But anyways, if you've already done that with Pete it's fine.

    I'm gone for a tiny bit and there's all this drama going on in there? what the hell is going on with the accusations.
  6. Yo, where have you beeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn? Madrid tomorrow.
  7. Yo..get on..or respond to my PM's. PEte's not online so I can't talk to him..
  8. I didn't I was still on. I wasn't sure who to pick between two players and I was looking for stats and etc. sorry bout that. lol
  9. yeah but u were online for a while then logged off.
  10. not really. it was until 4:00 pm the clock stated. I picked anyways.
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