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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and Killerjug

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  1. Depending on what the minimum salary cap is, I may have to take a contract back, but if he's guaranteed that #1 job I can trade him. Um I know Smith is viewed anywhere between a top 5 in the league to a mediocre goaltender by some so it's hard to name a price, but I will take the best offer I get.
  2. price on mike smith (wild)
  3. Just trying to squeeze out as much as I can lol Sorry we couldn't agree on a deal.
  4. nah man still a bit too much for me. I can understand why you want that though he's very good
  5. Chipchura is a decent 3rd liner with a minimum cap, what if I included him.
  6. you wrote on your own wall lol.

    Thing is though it takes 2 guys out of my lineup now and I dont have much cap to replace them
  7. Nah I can only do 1 of the 2 man Coyle and Zucker are both very good and Dumba is a great prospect
  8. If I take out Granlund and leave the rest, but I'll add both of my 3rd round picks

    3rd (BUF)
  9. really only want OEL. i would take granlund and one of coyle/zucker out
  10. Want to amend it in any way?
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