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Conversation Between Ezekial and BranWingss

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  1. signup for the nhlrd fool.
  2. Go to the NHL Mock Trade Deadline forum, and there's a thread GM List/Check In's. Post "here". I'll walk you through the rest.
  3. Go in the NHL forum. Go to the mock off-season sign-ups, and write down the Red Wings. I can help you easily throughout this.
  4. Well, I'm down, you can pen me in for the Wings as well (as it seems you knew it was the only team that would interest me)
  5. Get it? We're really looking for GMs. Pidg, RedWings13, and myself all do these, and are in this game. Not one of us picked Detroit though, which you could, as you have a great understanding of the team needs/positives/etc.
  6. Just games we do couple times a year. So you get a team, let's say Detroit. Pretend it's EA Sports NHL. Instead of trading with a computer, it's another member on PSD as the GM of that team as well. So if I'm Edmonton, you can message me and offer me, uh, Tatar for Perron. You can negioate with me, other GMs, etc. U can buyout players, waive them, re-sign them, etc. You're in complete control.

    Basically you want to build the best team possible. There's 29 other GMs (members of PSD). So I signed up for Edmonton, so I'll be running that ship. I'll be trying to deal Taylor Hall, re-sign a player, use my draft pick, and try and sign free agents. Everything is just like IRL.

    So if you're Detroit, you could try and build a Stanley Cup contender. You have to stay under the cap btw. After your team is built, we have a playoff voting to see the SC winner (kind of like EA Sports simming). We vote for the Best GM (who did the best job) and the best future.
  7. I've never done a mock or anything like it before, I kinda shy away because I have no idea how they work.

    If you need someone I'd be down to try it, but you would definitely have to explain it to me.
  8. Yo. Interested in trying out a mock deadline (NHL)? Really easy, I can explain everything to you and give you a hand. I think Detroit is open.
  9. The point streak was very impressive. I look at it differently though, as they did lose.. numerous times
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