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Conversation Between ******2017 and Rivera

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  1. please go to the wrestling forum NOW! the randy orton movie thread URGENT!! 911!! imortante! muy importante. yosef! amber alert! car alarm! 911!!!
  2. I was about to make a new OTT. Where sharter locks his own thread
  3. OTT got shut down again
  4. i wanted to kill him
  5. im sure sharter is somewhere in my sig
  6. have you seen Robb? well hes in my sig
  7. =CityofTreez:23842013]Jesus ****ing Christ.

    There is so much **** with you. Really, you are no different than damaged goods. You're emotionally unstable that you cannot even argue correctly against your friend about beating women. You think some people don't deserve to RIP, you're a ****ing internet mess.

    Really, you had one girl that you pronounced your "love" for and the rest made you get bent out of shape because they express their feelings to you? It sounds like you really don't know what good you have, until you lose that. You are not equipped for marriage, and thus, no father will give their son/daughter over to you. You can barely compose yourself on an internet website, which means you're a ****ing piece of cardboard in reality.

    Seriously, some people are built for society and progress. You are not that, and marriage will recognize that commonality that is associated to you.

    Hi.... .
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