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Conversation Between Cubsfan1433 and croce_99

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  1. I went to Iowa City this afternoon and drove by Kinnick. Still lookin' good
    Quite a bit of construction on I-80 heading into Iowa City. Also, the parking situation is different this year, too. Quite a bit of construction around Carver/Kinnick area.
  2. No worries Croce! I'm here now! Ready for some football! (This to your message about my lack of activity). I never really post anymore at all, but I'm always here lurking. Season tix came yesterday and it really hit me, only two weeks till I'm back at Kinnick!
  3. Last activity: 4-03-11
  4. Sorry man I never really come on here anymore. I only lurk, never really sign in. But yeah I was there! Went to all but 3 games this year (I know, not my finest performance). I missed Arizona, Wisconsin (first missed home game since I was 7), and Minnesota. Missed Arizona because my dad had some work stuff he couldn't get out of, missed Wisconsin because I was forced to go to visit my sister at college, and missed Minnesota because 1) I couldn't get motivated to drive 6 hours to go to the game to sit in the could after the last two losses and 2) We would have had to buy 12 tickets with the family in for thanksgiving.

    Thank god we won the bowl game though, I feel so much happier/optimistic now after that victory. I literally never had that feeling I had after the Minnesota game. It was like I almost didn't care haha. I seriously couldn't go to any of the Iowa forums for over a week. But now things are looking better, we are having a great recruiting class which hopefully will get better if we can land Cyrus K. I think we will be solid again next year
  5. Going to the Bowl game??

  6. Sooo excited. I literally can't go a day without thinking about this season. The home games are gonna be amazing this year! I will go to every game this season for sure, no matter what. Well maybe not if we lose to Eastern Illinois. Already got Arizona lined up, and liking the 2 30 Michigan start. And school gets out in 23 days! Life is good. Nordmann looked sooo good at the spring practice. He was an absolute beast
  7. 122 days until kickoff
  8. Alright cool thanks for the info. I hope Calloway will play against Iowa State and Hope Vandervelde is back by Michigan or Wisconsin. And did you hear the good news about Jewel today?
  9. Ferentz said Calloway would serve atleast a one game suspension. He didn't give a specific number. Most likely just 1 or 2 games. He'll be back before the conference games begin (hopefully).
    As for Vandervelde, Ferentz made this statement yesterday: "We were hopeful that Julian’s injury could be healed through normal rehab, but it became apparent surgical repair was the best path to take. Julian may miss some playing time, but we are optimistic he will return to full strength very early in the season."

    Just like the Cubs, we aren't going to be full strength to start the season
  10. Alright thanks. Do you know a possible date that we would know the severity? Also you know anything about Vandervelde's injury? And what about Calloway's suspension? Sorry for bombarding you with questions.
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