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Conversation Between LakersIn5 and theGhost-isGone

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  1. the draft is live you're missing out! Hop in chatzy
  2. You're on deck in the sim draft
  3. Lol now I remember how it worked in the previous PSD league. Haha. Just subtract your team salary from the budget.

    5m good?
  4. Your bank is done I'm accepting donations. It only gets tricky if you are under salary floor or over taxes.
  5. nah nevermind only 4 games remaining for me anyway
  6. okay. I took time out of the sim to figure out what your problem was. Want me to change your DC? It's not something I allow during reg season games but I'll let you since you threw such a fit and you're ready to walk out on a perfectly good and active sim.
  7. Alright cool
  8. Good question, You were dead last on the waiver order and I got my claim in before the 24 hour mark. KTS can fix it.
  9. Why is catledge on my roster? Do you still get him?
  10. I don't think I'll move any of my bigs unless I get someone to replace them via FA or the draft. If I do I could end up moving Schayes.
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