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Conversation Between KnicksorBust and Ebbs

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  1. LMAO My b. I posted the roster.
  2. Didn't say it was you.
  3. Why'd you tell people my idea man come on.
  4. I was out of bounds:

    1) Frustrated people aren't seeing things from a basketball perspective.

    2) The "I'm debating with the best basketball mind I know of, myself" thing got to me.

    3) After telling me Ewing + Dirk was a finals lock you've been the main advocate against me since.

    4) I told Norm this team would underachieve because PSD doesn't think in terms of winning games they only see numbers. And in PSD games if you draft a top team but don't make a big trade you are always overlooked. Always. It's like because you didn't switch up what was an already great team your team is no longer great. I literally called myself getting knocked out in the second.

    In the end though I'm sorry I called you out in the thread. Got unnecessarily heated.
  5. Nah. I am done. Good luck though. I know the fate of redrafts is left in good hands.
  6. nba all time.... don't be a softy you are still on everyday lol
  7. It's done.
  8. Cant do it from my phone
  9. Where's the sig?

    can take it off next Monday at 2 PM EST.
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