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Conversation Between Duncan = Donkey and Wilson

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  1. I read that he plays centre-half which is great, we have a hole there if we can't get Tom Lees back. Even if we do, Sodje is up there in years (and much slower than he used to be) and Futcher is really inconsistent. Hughes has played in a couple of Premier League games too so I'm excited to see what he can do.
  2. he's a defender, he was Nth Qld's best player last year and one of the best players in the A League last year (He won a bunch of awards) Other than that dont know too mich about him.
  3. Hey dude, do you watch any of the Australian football (soccer)? Bury just signed a young lad named Mark Hughes, he played for North Queensland Fury last season. Just wondering if you know anything about him...
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