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Conversation Between ******2017 and More-Than-Most

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  1. I like men
  2. O.o seriously how do you do this? is not cool
  3. Just seen Nbas video below
  4. Hey...HEY **** YOU Lol
  5. Sometimes I get a yes but not as often as I would like Lol. Also she lets me watch football so finding a new one is off the table
  6. My Gf does not approve lol
  7. lmfao I felt so much better recently....Things were looking up and then that thread happened....Suppose to be done with you lol
  8. lmfao If I was going to die of cancer and had 3 months to live I would go sky diving without a parachute and put full blame on you just so I could take you down with me. Psd Would be strong evidence to support this and help in your destruction. Kinda think you would still be giddy to get rid of me though xD
  9. You make me want to end myself lol
  10. No dumbass Lol... I am the the boy and my girlfriend is the girl.

    Lol had to edit...Glad I did it before you saw...would have been a terrible fail on my part. Writing on Rivs wall made me mix up my damn thoughts/words
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