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Conversation Between SB75 and HowFit

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  1. Still hoping for J.W. in the draft, I think he has the most upside and talent. Edwards/Ball would be a very nice 2nd choice.However they are also ball dominate and I wonder how that works with Trae. I also wonder how/ if that would impact Cams success as a secondary playmaker? I also wonder if it would slow the pace we play at? But I would take them in a second if J.W. is off the board. Would love to trade our second round picks to get back in the first to draft the best defensive point guard Tra Jones. his defense in practice, will only make the real game that much easier for Young. Wed still need to resign Jeff or another vet PG.

    That was a lot! What are your thoughts?

    I think we now have a sneaky good defensive team now with Clint, John, Hunter, Huerter, and Reddish. Love my Hawks, Ill shut up now?

    To long made me cut it into two.
  2. Whats up? After getting Dedmon last night, I think we are set up for success next season. I would like them to not worry about winning games in the second half and prefer they focus on getting everyone healthy.
    I think Cam will Be an all-star eventually, Id like him to be more aggressive looking for his shot and Sellective at the same time. Trae is an all star now and maybe the best point in the East. However Id like to see him more efficient on shot selection. Collins is underrated! However I would not offer him a max deal, as a lot of his success comes from Traes vision ( ala Amare) Huerter is a very nice player! I think he also has the ability to be an all-star. Speaking of Amare, thats who the Hawks remind me of, those Phx Suns teams offensively.
    Trae as a better scoring Nash
    Cam as a more athletic Johnson
    John as a smaller Stoudemire
    Hunter as a less athletic, but better shooting Marion.
  3. Sup brother??!! Saw you been posting in the Hawks forum. Wanted to see your feedbacks on them at your convenience. Hope all well your way💪🏼
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