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Conversation Between ******2017 and Tragedy

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  1. Wonder Years..Hell yes.
  2. I saw it posted in the RAW thread, don't remember it though. for me, when I watch 90's shows I stick to: Boy Meets World, Saved by The Bell, Fresh Prince, Home Improvement, Drew Carey (I think that's early 2000's but whatever), and Seinfeld. Those are my main ones I'd say. Also still love all of the random Nick shows like Keenan and Kel.
  3. Yep. I just moved out of my house and into an apartment, I don't have TV yet, and I honestly can say other than watching sports often, I don't miss it - Because I just watch BMW.
  4. Yeah, Topanga was like the love of my life (I did also love Kelly from Saved By The Bell..But not nearly as much as Topanga).

    I bought all the episodes of Boy Meets World on DVD. Season 5, 6, and 7 are far and away the best. Each season gets better than the one before, until Season 7 (because 7 wasn't as good as 6, I don't personally think). But once they all hit college in Season 6, that and Season 7 are non stop hilarity from Eric. Make sure you watch each episode from that time frame as much as possible and pay close attention to all the details of him. He's amazing.

    Did u ever see the one where he's trying to sneak attack Topanga all episode? It was after she had Mick Foley beat him up. Eric was awesome in that creepy role.
  5. Awesome. Absolutely love that show. Eric went from pretty solid early to far and away the thief of that show. He just stole it most times he was on with his timing and expressions.
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