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Conversation Between NYM-RMCF-DM and Pete Dahh Sneak

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  1. I'm just saying what you said for Rooney. You said there was no way I could get Rooney without Sneijder being in a deal. It's the same thing.
  2. That's not at all what I said actually, just figured since you said you wanted Coentrao and he's coming off a big performance, it'd interest you.
  3. No way. Same as you said. You wouldn't trade Rooney for someone who isn't a #1. Why would I trade Sneijder for someone who isn't a #1? doesnt' make sense.
  4. Pastore, Coentrao, and some1 for Snjeider?
  5. Thank the lord! You have seen the light!
  6. YEah, Avenged said ''I don't know why he would want it, but Yes''..obviously dude you had a bigger plan. But it's ok. I don't care anymore.

    And yes, David Luiz was a 4th rounder a very very good CB, But I'd rather have Subotic in a team. And Taiwo and Coentrao? Not even close. Tell your friend to stop bending over. Cause none of the deals he's made are fair. But it's ok. This is the last you'll hear from me complaining about anything you do. Take Care.
  7. You do a LOT of *****ing. I asked Avenged if he minded if he could take over. He said he had no problem with it. I also send in all of my trades to Avenged so he could pass or reject them because whether you like it or not, he has rejected trades. Keep thinking that I'm this giant mastermind trying to cheat to win a game that means nothing. It's supposed to be fun and you're making it serious.

    However I do find it amusing that you label Subotic a top tier CB, yet you just label David Luiz as a 4th rounder. Two world class players for 1 doesn't seem fair to you? Like I'd rather Boateng as my RB than David Luiz WHO'S MY FAVORITE PLAYER? Whatever you say. Go complain again and see how far that gets you.
  8. It doesn't matter man. I was on since 3:00 PM and posted in the lounge and asked questions to you.

    Aside from that I really have a good RB. Arbeloa was one of my picks but I had a back up.

    Anyways, what I find bad is that your ''friend'' who had 1 post since 2010, took over Melky's team and has given you two very friendly deals.

    a 1st round pick for TWO 4th rounders.

    And another top tier CB in Subotic and A World Class LB in Coentrao for two less value players. Also you get Jerome Boateng.

    I Don't care if it's really your friend, It's obvious that he's helping you out with trades. You've done whatever the heck you've wanted with this re-draft and it's a shame because you've been the most helpful person to the draft. But it's so obvious that you've asked your friend, who told me has been living with you since over a year now, to help your team out. He took over with 1 post and no one questions it because no one else has noticed it. Dude, you know what you've done. And it's not fair to the game. But then again keep doing whatever the heck you want men. In the end, you know what you did. Even if it's your so called ''friend''.
  9. What time does it say that I opened the thread? I don't have my reading glasses
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